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Kaliurang - spree a la Madam and Meneer
At the beginning of the 19th century, a Dutch geologist who lives in Yogyakarta, intends to find 
long tailed monkey
resting place for his family. They skirted the northern region which is a plateau. Arriving at Kaliuranglocated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, the "sir" were enchanted by the beauty and the natural coolness at the foot of the mountain. They eventually built bungalows and decide the region astheir resting place.
Travel to the Ground from the direction of Yogyakarta will remind us of landscape painting while still in kindergarten. A mountain with aroad in the middle and the green expanse that stretches on bothsides dotted with houses, would eliminate fatigue in the frame of nature.
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Enveloped in the breeze, even when the sun directly overhead, the coolness is still felt. The air is dancing through the trees and down to the supple, fresh flavor when it hits the body.
The view of Mount Merapi, giving the sensation of its own in this area. Just as a village girl who closes tabirnya when accidentally note, this mountain will be covered with fog when we come to see it.

Along the west side of Bukit Plawangan as 1,100 feet, traveling cross country, dirt road flanked by trees and green slopes, series of 22 caves Japanese heritage became one of the unique natural attractions Ground.
In addition to its natural beauty, Ground also has several heritage buildings. Among them are House Ground and Pesanggrahan Ngeksigondo Dalem's palace that had been used as the meeting place of the Commission of the Three Kingdoms. Or Ullen Sentalu a part of the building is under ground. This museum reveals the mystery of the culture and values ​​of Javanese history, particularly those associated with the princess of Yogyakarta and Surakarta in the 19th century.

scenery in kaliurang
Family Recreation Area
Located 28 kilometers from the city center, Kaliurang now become an area of ​​natural and cultural attractions that lure, as well as being a fun place for family recreation.
Relax with the family, parents can relax while watching the kids play in the Ground. In an area of ​​10,000 square meters children can play swing, sliding, or swim in the swimming pool. Besides, in the garden is decorated by a statue of a genie-style story of 1001 nights and some types of animals, children can also play mini cars or entering the mouth of a dragon statue and exiting at the tail.
About 300 meters to the northeast of the park are recreational Plawangan Turgo Park. In the area of ​​this park there is a swimming pool where the water coming Princess Tlogo from springs on the slopes of Mount Plawangan. Playing swing or joking with the family on the playground who was in the garden tour, fatigue will melt in the thick perhutani park.
Walk along the east side, saw some monkeys are jumping and swinging on branches, enjoying the chirping of birds at flats and rocky path with staircase staircase on the road as far as 900 meters uphill; may be a little tiring, but the view of Mount Merapi in when the weather is sunny from the Mount Pronojiwo , will replace the tiredness with admiration. On the way to the top Pronojiwo, YogYES contest run by a foreign tourist from England named Nick (47 years). Despite winning the contest run, but the feeling one with the atmosphere alamlah the happiest. Mineral water sold by the drink on top Pronojiwo can take off your thirst while enjoying Merapi that stands amidst the green expanse. Every holiday, Merapi can be seen through binoculars is rent Rp.3000 for 30 minutes.
Arriving back to the playground, relax at Tlogo Muncar. Relieves tired while enjoying the waterfall on the sidelines of the rocks.Usually, water will flow profusely in the rainy season.
If you want to enjoy views of Ground, visitors can get around by train rabbits most popularly called sepoer. These vehicles are usually hung in front of the park that is filled with stalls of food vendors. The route is around the tourist area of ​​Kaliurang from east to west. Past the viewing post located on the west, Merapi can be seen clearly when the weather is sunny. Rates for this vehicle up Rp.3.000 per person if a minimum of seven people. For exclusive trips, 20,000 would make the trip as a nobleman.
If you want to feel the cool breeze and the quietness of the night on the Ground, a variety of villas, bungalows, guest house or cottage can be an option. The rates also varied, ranging from 25 thousand to 200 thousand. Some of the inn you can enjoy, among others: Bukit Surya (preferred), Puri Indah Hotel (3 star), Wisma Sejahtera, etc..
Before you go make sure to bring a bit of souvenirs are sold.Starting from the fruits of local farmers and food production that is typical sweet, marinated tofu and tempeh and misbegotten (food made from glutinous rice and grated coconut).

Green expanse at the foot of the mountain, the air is cool and all natural luxury package, will relieve fatigue and provide all the freshness of the hustle bustle of urban.

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