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Mount Nglanggeran

Mount Nglanggeran 
Address: Village Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia GPS Coordinates: S7 ° 50'26 .052 "E110 ° 32'41 .964" Mount Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano form a giant boulder.Besides being able to watch the sunset & sunrise dazzling and sparkling Yogyakarta at night, in the East Peak Nglanggeran there are also the mystery of hamlet with 7 heads of households. 

Mount Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano with 7 Family 
Gunung NglanggeranWatching the sun rise from the mountain top is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. The route is extreme, erratic weather, severe trip, as well as the distance that must be within walking distance a major barrier for some people. But this does not apply in the Mount Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunungkidul. It takes only 1 to 1.5 hours of climbing, you will arrive at the summit of Mount Nglanggeran west, Mount Gede. Beautiful scenery that pamper the eyes were welcomed. As far as the eye could see the visible expanse of clouds at altitude, the mountain range of stone with a unique shape, the township residents, as well as green rice paddies and fields.When dusk approaches, the city of Jogja will look like a sea of ​​fireflies. Light sprinkling of stars and city lights are visible from a distance a romantic scene for anyone who camped on this mountain.
Mount Nglanggeran an ancient volcano that had been active tens of millions of years ago. Located in the karst region Baturagung, mountain litologinya composed by fragments of older volcanic material which has two peaks peaks peaks east and west, as well as a caldera in the middle. Currently Mountain Nglanggeran lined with giant stone mountain scenery and exotic shapes and unique name with a variety of folklore as a retinue. The mountains are usually named for the shape, such as Mount 5 Finger, Mount Kelir, and Mount Wayang.

Gunung Nglanggeran
It was still early when we headed east Nglanggeran peak.According to the manager, this place is the best spot for sunrise menikmat. Unfortunately when we arrived was reluctant to move so that the dense clouds covered the sun. Since not get to watch the sunrise, we also chose to visit the grandfather's house Redjodimulyo as elders who live in Pucak Nglanggeran. According Redjo grandfather, Hamlet Tlogo Mardidho at Peak Nglanggeran should only be inhabited by the seven heads of households. If the head of the family who lived in this village more or less there will be bad things that are not desirable. This can be seen in the presence of graves in the Peak Nglanggeran. Therefore, if their children are married then the new family had to leave Hamlet Tlogo Mardhido.
Gunung Nglanggeran
After visiting the village with 7 heads of families, we went back to base camp and try to climb Mount Gede. Unlike the eastern peak of which can still be reached by motorcycle, to achieve the required tracking of Mount Gede anyone. Along the path with rocks on the right side and left roads a fun experience. Getting to the top, the steep road. Some of the rope attached to facilitate the climbers.Sigh not over, facing new challenges. A narrow slit nan steep hill on the right and left stone welcome. A rather narrow dark hallway is passable only by one person. Shortly after successfully menaklukannya a friend said, "It's like in the movie 127 Hours, tense but cool ..."
Ticket: Rp. 3000 (noon); Rp. 5,000 (night)
Package Tour:
Package Tracking (minimum 3 persons): Rp. 25,000 / person Tickets, guide, cruise the village, young coconut / dawet typical Kalisong Package 4 hours on the Enchantment of the Ancient Gods (minimum 5 persons): Rp 35,000 / person Tickets, guide, cruise the village, learning the cultivation of cocoa, coconut Outbound Package 1 (minimum 40 persons): Rp 50,000 / person Tickets, guide, cruise the village, games, learn the cultivation of cocoa, coconut / soto omahan Outbound Package 2 (minimum 40 persons): Rp 100,000 / person Tickets, guide, cruise the village, games, learn the cultivation of cocoa, flying fox, eat an X, snack 2 X East Peak Package: Rp 100.000 Tickets, guide, cruise the village, Tlogo Guyangan, mystery 7KK village, sunset Nglanggeran, young coconut Sunset & Sunrise Package: Rp 300,000 Tickets, guide, cruise the village, homestay, Nglanggeran sunset, sunrise Nglanggeran, snack 2 X

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